Welcome Ramadan – The Month of Blessings

Ramadan is actually the ninth month in our Islamic calendar and all the Muslims are obligated to fast during the whole month of blessings. Before understanding the real meanings of this month, you must be aware of the term “Fast” in sense of Ramadan. Well, the fast is to refrain from drink, food and martial relations from dawn to dusk. Doing all these things is not the only point that the Muslims should focus on but, it is also obligatory to increase your worship.

Believe on Allah

Muslims are encouraged to recite the Holy Qur’an throughout the month of Ramadan with great interest. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) commanded us to enhance charity in this Holy month. Being a Muslim, It is our religious duty to obey each and every commandment of Allah almighty and our dear prophet (peace be upon him). We may also select this glorious month to fulfill the obligation of Zakaat.

The month of Ramadan inspires us to please Allah almighty by doing the good deeds and avoiding the evilness. Several important things are to be observed in order to enjoy the endless blessings of this sacred month. The real great charm and fascination of Ramadan may not be expressed in words. Every Muslim knows how this Holy month brings a revolution in his/her life by eradicating the wickedness and empowering the nobleness.

Once again Allah almighty is going to reward us with this beautiful month. Ramadan is a month of meditation, introspection, return, love and brotherhood. The most important thing is that the Ramadan is the month of Holy Qur’an. I must say that this is the month of feast, not of noise, but silence.

Each of us must consider that this Ramadan is coming into our lives for the last time. In this way, we would be able to obtain the blessings of this month in the best way. At the end, I wish all of my Muslim brothers and Sisters a very happy Ramadan. I request Allah almighty to bless all of us with his continual graciousness. Ameen!

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